Controlled Feeding

A controlled diet does not mean that they follow a specific diet, which we are going to comment on below on how to eat properly to be fit and healthy.

Carbohydrates are an excellent fuel for athletes, avoiding or reducing this food group or following a low-carbohydrate diet is not optimal for an athlete, because restricting this food group can make the person feel tired, exhausted and lower your performance.

Any athlete needs to eat a certain amount of fat in a controlled context, and this is fundamentally true for athletes, since active muscles quickly burn carbohydrates and need to burn fat for longer lasting energy.

Another important and most important factor is hydration. There is no magic formula where it says how much water can be taken, that will depend on the characteristics of the athlete. When a person perspires when he is in his physical activity, it is very easy for the body to overheat and it is common for the head to start to hurt and to feel exhausted.

Note to self to remember: don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, because that’s a sign that your body has been in need of water for a while.


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