Sports Nutrition

Create a healthy lifestyle

Our main objective is to bring more people to the sport, with our application we are achieving our goal many more people can start or continue with their activity, either from home or from anywhere else, without having to go to the gym in person.

There are many applications that offer these services, and that is where, and in order to Achieving our second objective as a work team, which is to make sure that people who approach sports or physical activity have the best possible experiences, is that we want to differentiate ourselves in the approach we give to our app.

Controlled Feeding

A controlled diet does not mean that they follow a specific diet, which we are going to comment on below on how to eat properly to be fit and healthy.

Pre And Post Natal Nutrition

Let’s start with the proteins. They have a structural or plastic function, they are the most important nutrients when creating and maintaining the structure of skeletal muscle. They are regulators of an infinity…

What does our app offer in terms of Nutrition?

Nutritional Counseling

Gym Coaching the World will have the human factor, the presence of our entire team providing support to all users.

Nutritional Scheme

Nutritional scheme appropriate to your requirements and needs oriented to the nutritional objective outlined.

Nutritious Recipes

Easy, rich, nutritious and low-calorie recipes adapted to your requirements and oriented towards your nutritional objective.

Workout Routine

It will be like being in the gym, in your club, with your trainers, but better. Our first-rate professional team .