APP "Gym Coaching the World"

Discover thousands of online fitness classes from the best partners and get personalized sessions in nutrition & health coaching. Find the perfect balance for you wherever you are.

Apart from the GAP classes, functional training, yoga, hiit and dance fitness among others, personal trainers, yoga teachers, nutritionist, psychologist, and the entire Coaching the World team will be there to help you in the day-to-day of your activity. and your experience with our application.

What will you find in the app?

All kinds of training routines, to be performed in any space and with any equipment.

Nutrition function, which will allow you to keep track of your diet and progress.

You can participate with friends and with people around the world in different challenges.

Personal trainers, yoga teachers, nutritionists, psychologists from Coaching the World

We adapt to you

Our Gym Coaching the World will have the human factor, the presence of our entire team providing support to all users, which differentiates us from any other application on the market.

It will be like being in the gym, in your club, with your trainers, but better. Our first-rate international and multidisciplinary professional team will be there to accompany and guide you at every step of your experience with our app and on the way to achieve whatever objective you set for yourself with physical activity, whether to improve your performance as well as that of simply improving your quality of life.

Classes and Services that you will find in the App

Different Plans and Packages